Millennium Sports Management Group Welcomes Brandon Ingram’s Friends and Family for a Hometown NBA Draft Party

Millennium Sports Management Group was honored to host this hometown celebration of Brandon Ingram’s athletic accomplishments with his closest friends and family members. The MSMG team could not be more thrilled about Brandon’s place in the 2016 NBA draft or his ongoing success. As such, those who are nearest and dearest to the Ingrams were invited to join in fun and fellowship for a live viewing of the draft and celebration to follow.

IMG_2834Ingram’s vast network of supporters filled two venues and included not only his family and friends, but also local leaders and government officials. Brandon is clearly a beloved member of his hometown community, which is something that we have witnessed firsthand for years. It was our tremendous pleasure to join in celebrating this momentous event in Brandon’s young life.

Among the attendees to join in the celebration was his high school coach, who shared some insight into the work ethic and dedication demonstrated by the entire Ingram family throughout Brandon’s formative high school years. We’ve compiled video coverage from the event, and we look forward to sharing it with you here on the blog. Coming soon!


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