How Social Media Can Lend Itself to Positive Branding and Reputation Management for Public Figures

For both public figures and civilians alike, reputation and public perception are extremely important when it comes to building trust and a positive image.  Public figures are at particular risk of negative attention overtaking their image, as they are constantly under the microscope.  They have to deal with unflattering news, photos, interviews, reviews, blogs, and social media commenting.  All of these things can destroy a reputation.  

Fortunately, it can all be managed and spun in your favor to create positive branding, so long as you dedicate the time and energy needed to communicate and engage audiences and fans.  This is where developing an online reputation management plan comes in.  Along with all of the perks that come with being a public figure and athlete, it also means that all eyes are constantly on you and your actions.  And, not all of those eyes are from adoring fans; they are also from the media, hungry for a juicy story, and online critics waiting to post foul opinions and comments.  

A great reputation management plan is one of the most essential tools in your arsenal to ensure that negative press and comments are tracked and promptly dealt with.  In today’s fast-paced world of make-or-break headlines and online trolls, you have to track your presence, spend the time and be attentive in managing your social media presence because news, be it bad or good, can go viral in a matter of minutes.  Your goal is to limit and attempt to prevent this negative press through strong audience relationships dedicated to promoting positive exposure and encounters.

The simple truth is that public figures who don’t take sufficient time to manage their brand often lose control of how their story and reputation are publicly portrayed, losing any chance of traction that would solidify a positive image.  That is why social media is such an important platform for communication and in creating your brand identity, these days.  Use it to your advantage, and build relationships with your audience and fan base.  Tell your story, from your point of view, and get the facts out there.  Not only will this work to your advantage but your fans will appreciate the transparency, and you will build a community based on trust.   

By putting your story out there, readily available to the public, managing your reputation, you can control what shows up in online searches.  This is especially important when it comes to building new relationships with potential allies of interest, like endorsements and coaches, because all too often the stories that are out there contain inaccurate or misinformation, can be misleading, dated or altogether false.  It goes without saying, but this can only adversely affect your brand.  

At the end of the day, you just can’t afford not to get social and involved with your audience.  Be proactive, take control of your social accounts, and develop an online reputation management strategy to build your positive image and brand.   When done right and consistently, social media can lend a countering argument that will weaken and perhaps even eliminate any negative materials that are out there and can be found on the Internet.   Spread your positive image, gain credibility through transparency and thrive on your relationships built on trust with your audience.

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