Marketing + Endorsements

The sports marketing industry covers everything from television rights, to endorsements, to sponsorships and merchandising.  It is an important sector in American culture, and its reach is rapidly growing. Marketers are increasingly turning to athletes to promote their products.
Through a strong, carefully planned and executed marketing presence, endorsements and sponsorships become more possible for you.  As your career matures and you continue to maintain a positive public image, your brand equity will grow. MSMG will work with you to create a customized plan to establish the brand attributes that will make you attractive to major corporations.
We pursue and secure immediate marketing opportunities on your behalf as well as create a unique, long-range marketing plan that will position you to secure lasting marketing sponsorships, endorsements and business opportunities.
MSMG’s clients have worked with big-name corporations like: Nike, Under Armor, Apple, Hugo Boss, Macy’s, GMC and Xbox One. We are looking forward to securing similar opportunities for all of our future clients.
Non-Profit Management + Community Relations
What are you most passionate about?  What causes or organizations are near and dear to you (e.g. The American Diabetes Association, HIV/AIDS Awareness, the Boys and Girls Club of America, etc.)?  How do you want to make a difference in your community?  Whether you are dedicated to partnering with a nonprofit organization that supports your cause or want to create and manage your own charitable foundation, MSMG can help you realize that dream.  We are passionate about sharing your passions with the world in order to create a more unified, educated and empowered community.
Whether you still live in your hometown or are 2,000 miles away, MSMG can facilitate a customizable plan that identifies ways in which you can be involved in your community(s).  We will be where you want to be.  Your community involvement and outreach will bring more than good press your way, it will bring a prideful sense of personal fulfillment.  MSMG will help you create and inspire a long-lasting legacy for young men and women everywhere.
MSMG wants you to dream big, and dream even bigger when it comes to realizing your contributions to your fellow brothers and sisters around the world.  How can we help you make your mark?

Post Career Identification + Counseling

The MSMG family understands that your career is multi-faceted, extremely complex, and spans far beyond the confines of athletic performance When it comes to life-changing decisions and transitions from one career to the next, every move should be carefully considered and well-calculated.
Personal success and professional breakthroughs occur when you are being supported by those who have walked in your shoes before. You grow through confidence, and our team will give you the boost you need to feel sure about every career move you make. When the time comes to reevaluate the direction of your life, MSMG will be there to guide and support you. We enjoy your success as if it is our own. MSMG wins when you win, both on and off the court.
During the off season, we assist our clients in exploring interests outside of their sport. Examples may include helping them enroll in professional development workshops, such as consumer electronics, or putting them in positions to meet corporate executives who are leaders in their industry.
Concierge Services
As a person who now lives in the public eye, concierge services have become a necessity, rather than a luxury.  The demands to your personal and professional schedule, both on and off the court, will be immense. You are working to build a positive brand image, which is something that requires you to exude confidence in your private and public affairs. That is the sort of confidence that comes from being organized and having a strong team behind you in everything that you do.
Our goal is to turn even the smallest request into a positive experience for you, and we aim to make every interaction stress-free and easy for you. We want you to have the room you need to grow as a professional businessman and athlete. We are committed to giving you freedom to focus on the game you love, while we assist you off the field or court. How can we support you?

Strategic Communications

Public relations and media representation help shape an athlete’s brand and supports long-term success.  We know how important it is to build and maintain an excellent relationship with the media.  We also know how important it is to create a clear brand message for consumers.  MSMG will work with you to create a customized brand strategy based on what your interests, in terms of working with the media. Good public relations can lead to many good things.
What’s possible with a strong, visible brand? You can establish new business relationships with corporations, resulting in an increase of your value to your NFL team as well as increased fan support and recognition.
Professional Services
It is extremely important to have a strong team of paraprofessionals to support you.  These are the experts who will ensure that you manage your finances wisely, avoid detrimental partnerships, and seize those that will help you grow as an athlete and as a brand.
You have spent a lifetime developing your skillset on the court, which may have put you at a disadvantage where other aspects of your career are concerned. Through your work with Millennium Sports Management Group, you will have the opportunity to build a strong network of financial, legal, and other professional advisors. These relationships will power your brand forward and create the type of foundation that will provide a lifetime of security and peace of mind for you and your family.
Our team understands what it takes to manage your affairs wisely, and we can introduce you to the right people for the job. We will coordinate the workflow and communication among these professionals in a ways that is clear, effective, and efficient. MSMG will ensure that your professional services team is working diligently and in your best interest.

Event Management & Hospitality

Have you ever wanted to host an event?  No matter where in the U.S., MSMG can help you organize, plan and realize your vision. We will help you create a memorable event regardless of size or budget.  Whether you want to host a grand fundraiser in New York City or a charity event in North Carolina, MSMG can customize and promote any idea to fit our clients’ needs and brand.
Social Media Management
When it comes to branding, you are the brand.  Social media is mainstream and one of the biggest keys to building and managing your personal brand online.  The exposure and growth that social media now provides is absolutely invaluable.
Through the use of social media, MSMG will bring your brand directly into the home of your audience and fan base. We will build your personal brand, managing and optimizing the way in which you are presented to the public, defining your social media marketing with natural dialogue as the key objective. It’s your voice, and MSMG wants to make sure that it is heard.
MSMG takes a personalized approach to meeting every one of your marketing goals and will help you through every step from planning to ongoing execution of your social media strategy.  We will work to put your brand and social persona in a position that encourages two-way communication with your audience. Audience engagement and brand loyalty are essential.
With your guidance and brand goals in mind, MSMG will help create your social profile, a social media marketing strategy and process of implementation. We will manage your social media accounts in a way that provides maximum and most favorable exposure, and we will stay ahead of what is happening in your industry.

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