Why Big Brands Spend So Much on Athlete Endorsements

The clients of Millennium Sports Management Group have worked with numerous big-name corporations, including Nike, Under Armor, Apple, Hugo Boss, Macy’s, GMC and Xbox One. So, it should come as no surprise that we’ve picked up a thing or two over the years as we’ve dealt with representatives of these large companies. As with anything, there are both positive and negative aspects, but the situation as a whole is generally very advantageous for everyone involved.

Athlete endorsements are a very large part of the marketing programs of most of your favorite brand names. A famous athlete has a following, is recognisable and always covered by the media for any number of reasons. If their public image resonates with the values and image held dear by a brand, both the athlete and company can benefit from a marketing partnership. The image built by the athlete and the brand of a corporate entity have to match if targeted consumers would be persuaded to remember the brand or the products of the company.

When we are building relationships between our clients and big brands, that is the first thing on our minds. We always target corporations that we know will be a good fit for our clients’ personal value system.

Obviously, the reason companies use athletes to market their products is to increase sales and raise awareness for their brand and products. Endorsement talents and ability to influence consumers to purchase certain products isn’t easy and when a brand has found a winner, they definitely want to keep that relationship going. You’ll need a solid team in place to manage these connections, and that is where MSMG is your most value resource. We represent your best interests and put marketing and business jargon into terms you can easily understand.

Whether it’s to boost sales, validate the features of a product or create massive awareness, athletes (and all types of public figures, really) will always be important for the brand growth and development of major corporations.


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