Players Take Deeper Roots in Louisiana

A wise woman wrote, “Storms make trees take deeper roots”. The storms and flooding in Louisiana compelled NY Giants Defensive Lineman Damon Harrison to aid his home community.

The dog days hit extremely hard in Louisiana this summer. Many areas of Louisiana were devastated by massive flooding due to extended rain falls. Iberia Parish, located in south Louisiana, received a lot of the torrential downpours. More than half of the residents in New Iberia experienced significant water damage or loss of their property. The downpours were somewhat unexpected to Louisianans, leaving them with little time to prepare for such high levels of destruction. Many families lost everything. The flooding has been characterized as the worst since Hurricane Sandy impacted the Atlantic coast.

The flooding in Louisiana left residents in desperate need of help. Some residents reacted by saying, “It’s unbelievable what we’ve been through, we never imagined this would happen.”

Seeing the destruction in his hometown, Tyrunn Walker, of the Detroit Lions, joined Harrison in lending a helping hand. The two collaborated to supply school uniforms to thousands of kids in New Iberia. Partnering with F&T/Kalikow Apparel LLC (a vendor of Walmart), the two supplied over 4,000 school children with new uniforms. The uniforms were distributed over three schools in the area. The students at each school were able to choose from 1000 articles of clothing. Remembering the New Iberia community in this way was quite impactful for all involved. Mona Atchison, Principal of Johns Hopkins Elementary School explains, “If I look like a winner, I am motivated to do well, and be more confident in the classroom” [video]. Receiving this donation from two New Iberia natives, made the event much more meaningful. Not only were children affected, but so were the organizers. Jonathan Jones, Millennium staffer, recounts, “Excitement filled the room, and the appreciation for Damon and Tyrunn was apparent. The giveaway was a success, it not only provided clothing but it provided a morale boost that was greatly needed”.

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